How To Beat an Online
Lender Every Time

presented by surefire and simplenexus

Top of Mind is proud to be teaming up with our stratetgic partner SimpleNexus for this year's Surefire Summit.

Attend and you'll hear from us on tactics and tools you can employ to beat an online lender every time you go up against them.

Our team of experts will show you real strategies that are working in the field and helping originators win against faceless online lenders.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas and helping you win more business!

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Our two-hour event starts at 3:30 and will feature the following agenda for How To Beat an Online Lender Every Time.

We'll also provide free food and an open bar (as well as other treats) so arrive early and enjoy yourself!

  • Kelly Resendez
    Working with Agents to Get the Full Picture
    Kelly Resendez
    Author & EVP, Paramount Partners Group

    Kelly will discuss how her trusted referral system can be applied in the field so originators can leverage a personal REALTOR connection that online lenders cannot compete with.

  • Surefire CRM
    Surefire CRM
    Live Demonstration

    Top of Mind will demonstrate how some of the main features and new updates to Surefire can be applied to improving personal and meaningful communication with borrowers.

  • Kevin Peranio
    Utilizing the Personal Touch
    Kevin Peranio
    Chief Lending Officer, PRMG

    Kevin will outline how he navigates a path of personal touch points with his clients to create a well-received and genuine connection that simply cannot be replicated by an online corporation.

  • SimpleNexus
    Simple Nexus
    Live Demonstration

    Ben Callis, Director of Design at SimpleNexus, will show how some of the latest updates to SimpleNexus will turn every user into a Mobile Originator and help them manage the entire loan process from anywhere at any time.

  • Jason Newell
    Putting it All Together
    Jason Newell
    Sales Manager, Security National Mortgage

    Jason will display how Security National has been able to utilize all three of the technologies on stage into one synthesized mobile application that allows their originators to provide a level of access, customer service, and intelligence that cannot be matched in the online-only realm.

  • MobilityRE
    Live Demonstration

    Ben Teerlink, CEO of MobilityRE, will demonstrate how MobilityRE uses mobile technology in the real estate field to strengthen early relationships with potential clients which can then be further utilized by their trusted lending partners.

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