Scott Asaro
Point Mortgage
We love the videos. It’s a hit. Agents love it. Clients love it. We’ve gotten referrals out of it.
Maxine Yokota
Loan Officer
My Realtors have been finding [Surefire content] something to look forward to on a weekly basis.
Kent Kopen
United American Mortgage Corp.
When Surefire content is hitting people throughout the process … the client just thinks it’s the greatest thing in the world.

Say "Hello" to Your New Mortgage CRM.

Enjoy Polished Marketing Content, Spectacular Sales Tools & So Much More

Contact Management

Add & Manage Contacts from Anywhere

  • Stay organized by keeping all contacts in one place
  • Segment to better manage your contacts and target your marketing
Email Campaigns

Send Emails & Campaigns

  • Hundreds of email templates and campaigns for any loan scenario
  • Send out emails to your entire database in one click
  • Create dynamic segments that change as you add contacts so you can send just to "Realtors in CA Born in July"
  • Put contacts on tried & tested email drip campaigns to send emails around-the-clock
  • Marketing can send out 1-to-1 emails on behalf of all users
Automate Database Marketing

Automate Database Marketing

  • Embrace a total automated marketing solution for all aspects of your database, from past clients to prospects to every segment of your partner database
  • Build your own campaign or use an existing one to strengthen partner relationships by sending a series of emails over several months of time.
  • Don't want to lift a finger? Every month we'll send out an email on your behalf from you to your prospects and clients
  • Email content is always timely and relevant and designed to generate a response or interaction with your database
Interactives and Games

Engage with Interactive Tools & Games

  • Look like a high-tech web wizard with dynamic & interactive online tools, calculators and games
  • Engage & educate prospects while your personal branding is front & center
  • Send to prospects automatically as part of a campaign or reach out through an email template
LOS Integration

Integrate with your LOS

  • We'll work with Enterprise clients to integrate the Surefire database with your company's LOS
  • Real-time sync the loan files in your LOS into Surefire
  • Ensure your client database is always in sync with your marketing database
  • Automatically send dynamic in-process videos as your client reaches loan milestones like "Submitted to Underwriting" and "Approved"
Partner Co-brands

Co-Brand Marketing with Preferred Partners

  • Improve partner communication & efficiency by co-branding your marketing with a referral partner
  • Co-brand flyers, emails, even dynamic videos to ensure a cohesive experience for prospects who see themselves as part of a collaborative team
  • Stay in control by choosing what materials are appropriate for co-branding
Dynamic Videos

Dazzle with Dynamic Video

  • Your #1 competitive differentiator!
  • Look like a star & keep your client informed in an amusing and memorable manner with in-process dynamic video campaigns
  • Clients receive a dynamic and customized video email as they move through the loan process
  • Brand with yourself, or add your agent partners (both buying and selling agents)
  • Completely automate when you sync with your LOS

And Stay Top of Mind After the Close

Postal Mail Campaigns

Send Post-Close Mail Campaigns

  • Opt to put your closed loan clients onto multi-year post-close drip mail campaigns (additional costs may apply)
  • Stay in front of them with personalized postcards around the holidays, their birthday, and key dates like loan anniversary
  • You can even co-brand with partners so clients will remember who to call for their lending or real estate needs for years to come
Drip Post-Close Email

Drip Post-Close Email Marketing

  • In addition to or instead of a mail campaign, you can also put your closed clients on multi-year email campaigns
  • Email content is timely and relevant and focuses on holidays, birthdays or loan anniversaries (such as an Annual Loan Checkup email)
  • Without doing anything you stay top of mind with your past clients who can simply click "Reply" to ask you any question or to refer a friend!
Monitor Database

Monitor Your Database & Get Alerts

  • Increase odds of repeat business by getting a heads-up email alert if a client lists their home for sale
  • Pass along savings opportunities based on refi-alerts comparing your clients’ rates to current market rates.
  • Get notifications for birthdays and loan anniversaries so you look like you remember everything!
  • Never miss an alert when you receive them directly to your phone with Surefire's mobile app for Apple and Android

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